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Ordering Information & Pricing

Jairus Parsons Table Pricing
Jairus Parsons Table Pricing
Jairus Parsons Table Pricing


  • Our Parsons Series Tables are offered in both high-pressure laminates and top-grade veneers.

  • Laminate models are shown as “JPTL----” and veneer models are shown as “JPTV----”

  • If a laminate Parsons Table is being ordered, please reference the laminate mfg. color number, color finish, & color name.

(For example Wilsonart 1595-60 Black)

  • Please refer to the "Veneer and Wood Finishes" on the previous page for available standard wood species and finish colors.

  • All standard Parsons Tables ship fully assembled. Knocked-down versions are available for a 15% upcharge.

(Add -KD to the standard model number)

  • Assembled Parsons Tables are extremely heavy and fragile. We recommend a minimum of 4-6 people when receiving

and/or moving these tables. They must be lifted, not dragged into position. Dragging these tables WILL cause damage

and WILL NOT be considered a viable warranty claim. 

  • All standard Parsons Tables 8' and longer come complete with a support ladder for added strength and to prevent table deflection.

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