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Jairus Richardson
Richardson Lumber
Richardson Brothers


Who We Are

JAIRUS Contract Tables and Specialty Office Furniture is an extension of Richardson

Industries – a family owned enterprise for over 170 years in the woodworking industry.

Located in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, you will find JAIRUS Contract to be a unique manufacturer offering a vast array of office furniture products, with a long and rich heritage of family commitment and success.


In 1848, JAIRUS Richardson was just 12 years old and quickly took to the family lumber operation. He became a dedicated family man with a passion for sawmilling,

playing a vital role in the pioneering of growth and success of Richardson Industries.


In the early 1860’s, JAIRUS joined the First Wisconsin as a sergeant, but was quickly elevated to lieutenant. He was mortally wounded while leading his troops in the battle of Chickamauga Creek in Tennessee.


It is with great honor and dignity that we have chosen to brand our contract furniture product offerings in the name of such a dedicated family man and successful business man with the commitment to enlist and fight for the rights of our fabulous country.


The heritage of the Richardson family lives on.


Welcome to JAIRUS Contract Tables and Specialty Office Furniture.


You are sure to enjoy our family-oriented culture.

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